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Today’s largest, most powerful tractors demand tougher track. It's why John Deere® chose Trackman® to create the first rubber track for its tractors. And Trackman continues to deliver groundbreaking innovations resulting in the most rugged track out there. Without question, our track handles more horsepower and delivers better traction to pull more weight. That means we can take on today's heaviest, most powerful tractors with total confidence. 



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Constructed for Longer Life

  • Fully-molded lugs deliver unsurpassed
    durability and longevity.

  • 50% more wires per inch means our track
    is more durable and 
    longer-lasting than the competition.

Technical Specifications
  • 2.75" tall, fully-molded tread lugs

  • 1.5" thick, heavy duty carcass

  • Fully-molded guide lugs for easy transition at drive
    and idler wheels

  • Greater longevity and durability in tough applications


Fully-molded is stronger

  • Fully-molded track equals tougher,
    longer-lasting track.

  • Non-fully-molded has built-in weak points
    that can lead to early deterioration and failure.

  • In addition to longer life, you get a more consistent rubber thickness which leads to greater stability
    and a smoother ride.


Loc Performance Molded

More Stress

Pressure Bar.png


Fully-molded track


HP Extreme Track

  • MAXXTUFF™ steel belt reinforcement is the
    in the market today.

  • Wider center design means better clean-out.

  • Engineered with more usable tread rubber for longer life.

  • 20% thicker carcass resists cuts, punctures and
    other damage.



Just like our track, our warranty is second to none.
In accordance with the Loc Performance Trackman Rubber Track warranty, the track is covered against material and/or workmanship defects. For complete warranty information, contact your Trackman Rubber Track dealer or visit our website at



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