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We don’t just make rubber track. We make the world's best rubber track. And we have been doing just that since we created our very first set over 30 years ago. Our innovations have transformed not only our tracks, but the vehicles that run on them. We keep the competition right where we like them: squarely in our rearview mirror. In everything we do, we outwork, outlast and outperform all other manufacturers. And every day we prove it, out here – in the field. Where it matters most. Because that's the way we roll.

Check out our history of innovations.

Specific needs, limitless possibilities.

Loc Performance produces 150+ active track specifications and nearly unlimited combinations of track width,
length, guide/drive lugs and tread lugs. See the specification guides for more detailed information.

Benefits & Features

 > No "flats"

 > Improved ride (in the field or on the road)

 > Higher operating speeds

 > Higher transport speeds

 > Improved productivity

 > Reduced ground pressure

 > Increased floatation

 > Better loose-soil traction


Under any condition. On every type of soil. Field after field. Season after season. Trackman delivers more durability, better power transfer, handles higher horsepower and torque. Trackman gives you better flotation, less soil compaction, increased traction and a smoother ride. Only Loc manufactures Trackman® rubber track that delivers performance where it matters most.

Increased efficiency

Greater productivity

Trackman reduces ground pressure up to 65% compared to tires. That means less compaction, superior flotation, improved traction and more efficiency in any conditions.

Ground Pressure.jpg

Greatly reduced ground pressure

  • Tires increase ground compaction and damage soil,
    impact irrigation efforts and ultimately lower your yield.

  • Trackman rubber track disperses the weight of today’s much larger tractors to minimize ground pressure by as much as 65%


Tires can’t compare

  • Our track footprint equals quadruple tires per side
    on the rear axle of a tractor.

  • On a combine, it equals seven tires per side. Thanks to our footprint edge, field damage is minimized by spreading the load over a larger contact area.

Innovative edge

Tougher track. From our fully-molded, one-piece construction to groundbreaking innovations, our track is the most rugged in any field, anywhere in the world.

The world’s strongest drive lugs

  • ARMORLUG® ULTRA is the first patented drive lug
    with three fabric layers embedded in the lugs.

  • It easily handles today’s biggest, most powerful tractors and is designed to take on more.

  • It lasts as much as 30% longer than any other
    positive-drive track.


Drive lug section

Constructed for 7 times longer life

  • Wire-ply construction with 50% more wires per inch than our competition. That’s 12 wires per inch compared to only eight.

  • Patented galvanized steel cables prevent corrosion and premature weakness.

  • All this adds up to a track that will last season after
    season, even under the heaviest load.


Wire-ply construction

Fully-molded is stronger

  • Fully-molded track equals tougher, longer-lasting track.

  • Non-fully-molded has built-in weak points that can lead to early deterioration and failure.

  • In addition to longer life, you get a more consistent rubber thickness which leads to greater stability and a smoother ride.



Loc Performance

Pressure Bar.png

More Stress


Fully-molded track

Advanced technology. Smarter track.

Loc Performance Trackman creates much more than advanced rubber compounds.
We bring you smarter, better and stronger track.

Up to 70% Reduction with the Trackman XP Positive Drive Rubber Tracks

  • Our Exclusive Anti-Vibration Technology (TM) and advanced tread design with the Trackman XP positive Drive tracks greatly reduces vibration by as much as 50% to 70% versus standard tracks.

  • Trackman XP tracks dramatically improves your comfort, especially in heavy pull operations.

  • Our Trackman XP tread design also maximizes traction and dirt cleanout for improved performance

  • The Trackman ARMORLUG and Trackman ARMORLUG ULTRA have proven to further reduce vibration beyond XP on some vehicles.


Track vibration

Much more than just rubber

  • We have created more than 700 innovative compounds
    for a wide variety of products across our vast portfolio.

  • This experience lets us produce specific compounds that resist abrasion, heat, chipping and chunking, so our rubber track lasts longer.

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