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Friction Drive Rubber Tracks


Paver Tracks


New & Re-manufactured

Polyurethane Wheels

Trackman® paver track meets the toughest application requirements in the world. Yours.

That’s because we engineer paver track that measures up to the exact demands of the world’s leading equipment makers, as well as your expectations.

Constructed Stronger to Last
  • Increased wheel path gauge (+33%) for enhanced wheel path durability.

  • Patented cable construction assures optimal rubber penetration.

  • Wire-ply construction with 50% more wires per inch than our competitions. That’s 12 wires per inch compared to only eight.


Wire-ply construction

Difference Maker
  • Our smooth track design was the first in the market, and is now the industry standard.

  • Features a continuous, full-thickness edge that substantially reduces edge damage.

  • Trackman paver track is OE on Caterpillar® equipment.


Paver track

Technical Specifications
  • MAXXTUFF™ steel belting provides the highest concentration of reinforcement in the market.

  • Patented galvanized cable for improved corrosion resistance.

  • Fully-molded tread area and drive lugs for greater durability.

  • Patented reinforcement design for improved tracking.

Benefits & Features
  • Patented TZ tread, designed specifically for asphalt paver applications.

  • Advanced wire-ply design, eliminates wire migration.

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