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With more than 75 years of experience in high performance rubber products, Loc Performance is the trusted supplier of choice by OEMs and end users alike. Loc Performance has established a strong reputation for quality rubber-to-metal-bonded products, rubber liners and rubber compounds.  Loc Performance has developed proprietary processes that deliver lower cost products with improved performance. 

Wheels & Mounts

Featuring both metal/rubber bonding and field-tested urethane bonding technologies, Loc Performance is the supplier of choice for wheel mounts and bushings utilized in the agricultural and construction industry. 
Loc Performance’s proprietary LocBond ™
process provides overall lower cost via longer life.

Hay Conditioner Mower Rolls

Loc a longtime supplier of improved performance rubber coated rolls for conditioning systems, providing end users with increased crop harvesting efficiency.  Our newest rubber compounds and exclusive LocBond™ process offer improved performance and extended service life.

Bladder Bags

With improved compound elasticity and venting design, Loc Performance non-reinforced butyl rubber bladders are the bladder of choice for major manufactures of pressurized water and fire suppressant systems.


Loc Performance is a proven supplier of a wide variety of rubber compounds utilized in applications with a wide variety of demanding performance requirements. From arctic applications to high temperature demands, Loc has a rubber compound to meet your needs.

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