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Celebrating International Women’s Day
A Conversation with Krista Larmore, Plant Manager, Loc Performance St. Marys

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Krista Larmore, Plant Manager,
Loc Performance St. Marys

For International Women’s Day, we sat down with Mrs.Larmore to learn more about this key leader within our organization.

As plant manager of Loc Performance St. Marys, Mrs. Larmore manages and oversees the plant’s everyday operations, ensuring production goals and quality standards are met or exceeded, costs are kept as efficient as possible and that the health and safety of staff are top priority. She is also part of regular reporting and discussions with the Loc senior leadership team on how to improve systems and processes. Mrs. Larmore joined Loc in March of 2022, bringing with her 15 years of plant manager and production managerial experience.

What attracted you to Loc? Why did you feel it would be a good fit?

Loc Performance St Marys is local to where I have spent most of my formidable years.  Living close to my home was important, but also having the opportunity to be a part of a team with similar backgrounds.  During the interview process I instantly felt a part of the team. The facility has been around since 1939 but sold multiple times.  During those transitions, a sense of purpose had left some team members. With the facility now part of Loc Performance’s exciting growth, I intend to re-instill a deep-rooted sense of pride that only exists when individuals feel part of a bigger purpose.   


What excites you about this industry, and what are some trends you’re seeing that point to why
Loc is the right choice for customers?

Loc’s slogan is to “Feed and Defend.”  Here at St. Marys, we build tracks for both the agricultural industry and military fleet; our top customers are farmers and soldiers. Our team has a vast knowledge of specialized rubber processes that sets us apart.  Loc Performance offers our customers engineering expertise, advanced manufacturing capabilities and innovative products that will ensure our continued growth.


What do you attribute as the key(s) to your success?

I was raised in a home with hard working, selfless parents.  They encouraged growth and education.  I have also been fortunate to have very engaged mentors who showed me how to lead, evaluate, and assess situations to promote a successful business and engaged team.


Did anyone serve as a role model or mentor for you?

Many, but most notably my father.  He had a similar career path as I have now.  He started as an hourly tool and die machinist and continued his education during my childhood to move into leadership roles, retiring as a plant manager. I am what he calls using the “reader digest” version of his life.  I learned in my 20s that my parents usually know best, and I should probably start applying their life lessons.  Doing that in my career has given me a head-start in several ways.


How would you describe your leadership style?

Fluid and versatile.  I transform my style to meet the needs of the team that I am working with, as not all people can
be managed the same way, due to us all being different. 


I am driven by my team.  The individuals that I employ are here to support themselves or their families.  A poorly-run facility could have devastating ripples on our community, and I intend to ensure that my actions drive change in a positive way to secure employment for my staff for years to come.  


How has the workplace environment evolved since you first started?

While in some ways the loyalty that people once had to their workplace has dissipated, we are always looking for new ways to encourage engagement and foster connection with associates. We want each employee to have a healthy balance between meeting the company’s needs and their own desires.


What are some immediate next steps in your role?

I have three priorities right now. First, to continue developing the morale in the facility and incorporate a strong sense of integrity, support, trust and respect.  Second, to identify opportunities to reduce downtime so we can increase production throughput and better serve the growing needs of our customers. And finally, to ensure we have a strong predictive maintenance program that will proactively foresee any potential breakdowns.


Why is IWD important to you?

Trailblazers before me created this opportunity.  I get the chance to live the life that I have because of their hard labor, persistence, perseverance, and dedication.  Every day I cherish this opportunity, and I work with the intention of not disappointing any of the women who worked so hard to give me this opportunity.


How should we celebrate IWD? 

Celebrate the legacy of those that came before us and acknowledge the adversity they persevered through.


What advice would you give to other women?

Be approachable and show humility.  Use your natural tendency to show compassion, empathy, and genuine care in the workplace when developing your team.  Try and be the best version of yourself and be proud of what you leave on the table each day, and ask for grace when you aren’t the best version of yourself.  


Tom McDonnell, VP, Sales & Marketing


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