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Polyurethane Wheels

Chassis System Concept for Compact Loader Reduces Vibrations and Noise


Our vision of a complete drive system makes the working conditions for the driver significantly more comfortable. Solid-rubber drive lugs for the track instead of a conventional track drive with rubberized metal ribs reduce the vibration and noise levels. That ensures less fatigue and greater attentiveness while working – and thus enhanced safety and efficiency in the workplace.

Chassis System.jpg
Benefits & Features
  • Longer system lifetime improves price/performance ratio

  • Enables higher operating speed

  • Flotation when operating in soft ground

Technical Specifications
  • Vibration level reduced by as much as 7 dB and sound intensity halved

  • Drive lugs made of solid rubber

  • Positive drive wheel performance proven on larger 4wd tractors

Good traction in different ground conditions

Our tracks ensure that compact loaders do not sink into soft ground and guarantee good traction in challenging conditions. Conventional drive systems have two tracks tensioned around a track suspension system mounted on the chassis. That metal-on-metal track drive can generate substantial noise levels and vibration leading to a jerky drive for the operator and a restricted operating speed. Premature wear because of high local stresses is another outcome.

Better working conditions

Our vision for a new complete drive system with drive lugs made of solid rubber reduces physical stresses on drivers. That protects their health and improves their working conditions. Our experts have demonstrated significant noise and vibration reduction during the testing of the new chassis concept. This included installing a microphone in the cab of a current production model to record the noise and vibration levels.

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